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Hughbanks Design is a boutique freelance creative and branding company by Chris Hughbanks. Hughbanks Design is built to find what your true needs are then giving excellent solutions to those needs. Hughbanks Design can take small and medium size businesses and increasing their online presence through web design, SEO, Google Paid Per Clicks, social media and email marketing. Hughbanks Design can also design anything you need from a new logo to poster design and more. Contact Hughbanks Design to discuss your next creative or marketing project.

Hughbanks Design's work with us on the relaunch of our brand has been great!- Yorktown Deli

  • gallery

    You are welcome to view the web, graphic, branding and illustration works that have been done in the past.  If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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  • services2

    In order to solve a clients problem it often takes combinations of solutions and technologies. I offer a combination of different services in order to cover clients needs.  This includes branding solutions such logo design and business card designs to social media campaign, web design and more!

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    Chris Hughbanks and Hughbanks Design

    First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting. There are many designers and agency sites out there and your here, so thank you for stopping by. I am Chris Hughbanks, owner /operator/ solopreneur of Hughbanks Design.  Driven to create, I have worked with business in many different  industries, in  different ways to […]

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